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Cordelia LLC, your trusted partner in wholesale and distribution solutions. Driven by innovation and founded with a dedication to quality, we are experts in optimizing logistics to maximize productivity for businesses worldwide.

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Our mission at Cordelia LLC is to streamline your supply chain process and enhance your business operations through efficient and reliable import and warehousing services. As a leading wholesale and distribution company, we specialize in consolidation, import, export, and distribution services. So whether you are a small business or a large corporation, we have the expertise and experience to fulfill your requirements seamlessly.

Cordelia LLC provides comprehensive solutions to improve your operations, including storage and fulfillment to cross-docking, consolidation, and support for international commerce.

Wholesale Container

Our great facilities can manage any kind of inventory, keeping it accessible and well-organized.

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Wholesale Containers

Unlike competitors, we employ cutting-edge methods like hand stacking and forklift loading to achieve at least 30% greater capacity in containers.

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Women at the Logistics Business

At Cordelia, we take great pride in being a woman-owned small business, led by a dynamic mother-daughter team.

By breaking biases and exceeding expectations, we're not just in chargeᅳrather, we're women ruling over what's typically considered a man's domain. Whether using forklifts or managing loading and unloading tasks, our staff offers a distinct viewpoint and high commitment to each and every facet of our company. With enthusiasm, knowledge, and a dedication to quality, we're changing the story of success in the logistics sector, together.

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Women-Operated: We take great satisfaction in being a female-owned company that approaches each project with enthusiasm and a new viewpoint.

Innovation: With a focus on innovation We adapt to industry changes on a regular basis to give our clients access to cutting-edge solutions.

Customer satisfaction: We put your success first. Every time, we work hard to go above and beyond your expectations and provide outstanding service.